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How a Prepaid Maintenance Program Helps Retain Customers

Prepaid maintenance programs for auto dealerships allow your customers to receive free or discounted maintenance services, encouraging them to stick with you. These sorts of plans typically include oil and filter change services, something which is sure to keep people engaged with your dealership. Consumers might otherwise go to local shops which specialize in oil changes, but in offering these services yourself, customers will want to keep their business with you.

Strategies for Improving Business through a PPM

  • #1 – Pay plans and commissions for your employees can be integrated into production goals.
  • #2 – Remind customers through email of the program and show them their potential savings. It’s a surefire way to get them to come back.
  • #3 – Make sure that customers can schedule appointments, as 53% of customers are likely to schedule their appointments using a mobile device.
  • #4 – Through analyzing ROI and other analytics, the performance of PPM can be maximized to guarantee the highest possible customer retention rate.

How the Prepaid Maintenance Program Strategy Pays Off

It is through both, the amount of contact points with the customer, as well as the loyalty which prepaid maintenance programs for dealers encourages in the consumer, that the program enables greater customer retention. And it is through the PPM and loyalty rewards that AutoAwards provides the ability for a more profitable business today.

When you constantly remind the consumer of your PPM, through both on-site physical advertisement and online presence, they will understand that you offer this service, and will absolutely be inclined to return. People will always need maintenance, and through an AutoAwards’ PPM program, you will be able to provide them with it.

A PPM program will increase profits by keeping more customers, so call AutoAwards today for consultation about starting your very own prepaid maintenance program for your auto dealership by calling us at (302)696-6000 or contact us online.

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