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How to Reach Your Prospective Customers when They’re Looking for Answers

Buyers go through a process before buying. The process is predictable from many studies and analytical data on how a customer buys, whether it is a low- or high-priced product. Understanding the buying process and setting up targeted eCommunications to prospective and existing customers will grow your business.

The decision-making process that most buyers go through is in three phases:

  1. Phase 1: The prospective buyer realizes they have a problem or a need they must have resolved.
  1. Phase 2: The prospective buyer researches a variety of products and/or services on the market that would meet their criteria to resolve the problem.
  1. Phase 3: The prospective buyer reaches a decision to buy a product or service they believe is the right choice for them.

The prospective customer may not consciously know they are in the buying process, so it is up to the auto dealership to recognize the stage they are in and reach them at the right time when they express interest.

How to Reach Your Prospective Customer

Auto dealerships used to have customer visits to test drive vehicles as the primary drive for customers making purchases. Today, customers use the Internet to research choices based on their criteria and needs in a vehicle before visiting an auto dealership. An auto dealership should educate customers on the top questions that most prospective customers want to know about.

Most customers ask these questions:

  • What vehicle would fit my needs?
  • Is this vehicle right for me?
  • Is this vehicle in my price range?
  • Which brand or model vehicle should I go with?
  • Does this vehicle meet safety regulations?

Reach Out to Prospective Customers

By knowing the questions most potential customers ask, and understanding your current customers’ buying phases, you can reach out to them through using automotive dealership CRM software. It not only keeps contact records, but also provides the analytical data and insights you need for prospective customers.

Having targeted eCommunication campaigns also engages your potential and current customers with vehicles and services that would be of interest to them at just the right time.

Knowing the questions your potential and current customers ask helps you reach out to them and respond to their needs. AutoAwards helps by offering automotive CRM software and automotive dealership email marketing services for your business.

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