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Automotive Dealership Customer Retention Strategies

3 Strategies to Improve Automotive Dealership Customer Retention

When your dealership sells a new car, how do you keep your brand-new customer? That’s a critical question. You want that customer to come to you for their after sales car care, and you want them to come to you when it’s time to purchase their next vehicle.

Three Strategies to Improve Automotive Dealership Customer Retention

  1. Dealership Loyalty Programs

There is no better way to improve automotive dealership customer retention than using a car dealer loyalty program. AutoAwards has the best loyalty rewards program available. We provide you with a loyalty program that can increase your revenue. Your customers can spend money with you across their lifetime when you use the AutoAwards loyalty program.

  1. Service Plans

Service plans create a win-win situation for you and your customers. AutoAwards’ OwnerZone program is a prepaid maintenance program that creates revenue for you while assuring your customers that their vehicle is receiving the service and care that they deserve.

  1. Loyalty-Focused Marketing Campaigns

Often the toughest obstacle to making a sale is the prospect’s loyalty to another brand. AutoAwards overcomes that obstacle by giving you a loyalty-focused marketing campaign. We provide you with CRM software and consulting services. We also focus on one marketing area for one automotive dealership, which means that you will outshine your competitors.

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