Improve Car Dealership Sales with Customer Retention
Improve Car Dealership Sales with Customer Retention

How to Improve Car Dealership Sales with Customer Retention

Once a customer drives off the car lot in their new automobile, getting the customer to come back for regular maintenance can sometimes be a challenge for auto dealerships. With sluggish auto sales taking hold for the first time since 2009, dealership customer retention is more paramount than ever.

Studies suggest that customers who maintain their automobile at your dealership are more likely to buy their next car from your dealership.

Dealerships must devote time and invest in resources to maintain relationships with existing customers and new customers. What can you do to build a more committed customer base?

Offer Unique Customer Benefits Packages:

Build a committed consumer base by offering unique benefits packages while providing unparalleled customer service. Conjunctionally, an essential key to maintaining a loyal customer base is offering consumers the best prices.

Build a Loyalty Rewards Program

Some establishments have begun providing patrons with dealership loyalty programs while offering other special services to increase solid dealership customer retention. Many automobile dealerships have launched various digital campaigns to reach customers who need maintenance services for their vehicles.

What Is a Car Loyalty Program?

Car loyalty programs are customer retention resources branded for your auto dealership. Instead of opting for an OEM loyalty program, a branded auto rewards program establishes your auto dealership differently from the rest. With AutoAwards’ auto dealership loyalty program, we brand your program and make it unique by partnering with other local community businesses. As a result, your dealership boosts customer retention and gains new customers.

Examples of How a Vehicle Loyalty Program Can Take Shape:

  • Dedicated Loyalty Program: Customers receive discounts on local establishments in the Keep It Local program. Dedicated customers can activate and use a loyalty rewards app to see their balance on-the-go. They can keep up with the rewards they earn from the dealership and use them at local partnership businesses.
  • Variety of Loyalty Rewards: AutoAwards’ solutions for auto dealerships include various ways your customers can earn points and rewards. We can tailor the branded dealership loyalty program to what works best for your customers.

As a result of working with AutoAwards, your auto dealership will experience increased dealer loyalty with programs that offer customers incentives, giving you an advantage over the competition. Reach out to AutoAwards at 302-696-6000 to set your dealership up with a loyalty program.

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