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Incorporate email into your automotive digital marketing

Benefits of Email Marketing Supercharged in Era of Mobile

In 1978, the first-ever email marketing message was broadcast to 400 people. Gary Thuerk, a Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) marketing manager, sent that email promoting DEC machines, an effort resulting in $13 million worth of sales. So, from the very beginning, email marketing = effective marketing.

Now, granted, part of that huge success came from its novelty, with no other email marketing messages competing for attention in anyone’s inboxes. But this form of marketing is still extremely powerful, and here are three reasons why email marketing is still the right choice in today’s marketing landscape.


One of the key benefits of email marketing is accessibility by the consumer. Before the influx of mobile devices, consumers were tied to their desktop computers to access their emails. This limited the marketing opportunities to certain times of the day. But, as Direct Marketing Association points out, the prevalence of mobile devices has made email marketing even more effective, as consumers have access to their email at all times. In fact, the average person checks their smartphone 34 times a day and more than 50% of all opened emails come from mobile devices. During the month of December, this statistic jumps to nearly two-thirds.

Cost Effectiveness

Email marketing is also a cost effective option for your business. It’s estimated that, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the ROI is $38. And, with nearly 2 out of 3 consumers having made a purchase online as a result of an email, this kind of ROI is certainly nothing to scoff at. In a survey of marketers, 89% use email marketing as their primary method of generating leads, and 20% link email marketing to their company’s primary source of revenue.

Customer Communication

In addition to these benefits, email marketing also allows you to keep your customers and potential customers informed about your product. Many US shoppers (28%) actually seek out information by subscribing to emails from vendors. Consumers want to stay informed about their favorite brands. The higher the quality of the content of the email, the better chance you have for conversion. For instance, if a video is added to an email there is an average rise in revenue of 40%.

While email marketing is not a new technique, it certainly gives you bang for your buck. By being accessible to your customers and keeping them informed about your products, you will see a higher return on investment and reap the benefits.

Automotive Digital Marketing Includes eCommunication Targeting

If you want to start an email marketing program or skyrocket its success, AutoAwards’ program (eCycle) is a smart choice. We have in-depth expertise in email communication along with thorough knowledge of the auto industry. This combination gives us a one-two punch in enhancing your marketing needs. Our program engages consumers by providing automated and personalized email campaigns. This allows you to reach your customers in a timely and effective manner that, when integrated into any of our dealer loyalty program, leads to customer retention and brand loyalty.

Here is more information about our automotive digital marketing eCycle program, a crucial piece in your dealer loyalty program.  Contact us online to discuss your automotive digital marketing needs or call us at 302-696-6000.

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