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Increase auto loyalty through effective brand evangelism

Create Auto Loyalty Momentum: the Story of Brand Evangelism

Evangelists are people who passionately believe in a message and enthusiastically share it with other people. For success, it’s crucial that your dealership has evangelists promoting your brand – both within your company and outside of it, the latter being extremely satisfied customers. calls step one loading your arsenal and describes it this way: “The first step in recruiting evangelists starts within. You need to clearly articulate your brand. Know who you are and what your values will be. Establish a distinctive voice.  It takes a little time but it’s worth it to create a playbook that everyone can work from. You can’t expect employees to be ambassadors for your brand if they don’t know what it is! Once you’ve determined what your brand will be you need to build excitement about it among your team and make sure that your brand philosophy flows into every customer interaction.”

We agree that this is crucial, but the article then goes on to say that your best brand evangelists are your customers. For tips on how to turn customers into evangelists, we turned to Marketing Donut, a marketing company in the United Kingdom that shares key steps.

First, you need to recognize the importance of customer retention. Reasons include that it’s cost effective to hold on to current customers, and they’re likely to spread the word about your dealership. It’s also important that you only make promises you can keep. You all know stories of dealerships that have advertised offers that were simply too good to be true – and, ultimately, they weren’t true. Perhaps those dealerships simply overestimated their ability to serve customers or maybe they were involved in true bait-and-switch – or something in between. In any case: only make promises that you know you can keep.

The final step, according to Marketing Donut? Rewarding loyalty. And that’s where we come in.

Boost Customer Retention with an Effective Automotive Loyalty Program

Marketing companies come and go, and it’s important to work with a consulting firm that keeps its promises! AutoAwards by Nucar Consulting has been keeping promises and boosting customer loyalty for more than 25 years. We help dealerships to grow their customers through customized programs. Unlike nationally sponsored credit card programs, this custom incentives program is designed to continually invite and consistently reward your best customers for remaining loyal to your business, not the competition and not the factory.

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