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Automotive Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program Influences Customer Purchasing

Influencing Customers’ Purchasing Decisions Through Car Loyalty Programs

Automotive dealerships that add personalization to their marketing and customer retention strategy can influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. By adding personalized touches to marketing efforts, these build rapport and relationship with customers. Dealerships can acknowledge and validate a customer based on their personal interests, which keeps the dealership top-of-mind as a trusted provider.

Personalized Interactions

The centralized retention strategy is based around personalization, which communicates the dealership’s care for the customer. By tuning into the needs of a customer through email marketing, surveys, and purchasing decisions, a dealership can learn the information their customers want. With each touch point extended to a customer, the dealership can personalize these interactions.

Segmenting Customers

With new technology in CRM systems and eCommunication targeting, AutoAwards segments email lists for targeting customers who are interested in specific vehicles, parts, automotive maintenance, and rewards. Segmentation further allows more targeted personalization of marketing communications.

Use these segments to:

  • Coordinate personalized messages automatically
  • Provide follow up to customer inquiries
  • Provide value by recommending parts or services related to a customer’s previous purchases

Retargeting to Grab Customers’ Attention

Sometimes customers get busy and may not get back to your email or website to complete a purchase. If this is a customer whose email you have in your system, AutoAwards sets up retargeting triggers that work to build relationships with them.

In the event a customer did not complete a service appointment, purchase, or other action on the website, or through email, the system can send incentive emails, such as:

  • Get 10% off of Car Maintenance for the Next Week When You Schedule An Appointment
  • Buy Two Oil Changes, Get the Third One Free
  • Buy Three Tires, Get the Fourth One ½ Off and a Free Tire Rotation for a Future Appointment

Touchpoints for a Customer’s Shopping Experience

More customers are following brands online and engaging on social media and other online channels. It’s become easier to engage with brands through smartphones and tablets, laptops and computers. Having visibility online is important for an automotive dealership to broadcast their rewards program benefits.

AutoAwards makes it easy for dealerships through their online visibility channels for dealerships through social media, app development, email, and marketing strategies. Being online allows a dealership to reach potential customers and engage with loyal ones to empower their shopping experience.


By being visible on several online channels, a dealership has many points of entry for a potential customer to make contact. They can check the inventory of a dealership, ask about pricing or schedule an appointment, and quickly call and touch base with a representative from a dealership. Technology available brings these points of entry directly in front of potential customers.

Influencing Through Word-Of-Mouth

In addition to the latest technology, AutoAwards creates a community around the dealership through the Keep It Local merchant partnership program. This program provides exclusive savings when shopping with local brick and mortar businesses in the area.

An automotive dealership loyalty rewards program also builds customer retention and influence through rewarding customers for their purchases with the dealership. The program keeps customers coming back through ongoing interaction. To get started with your loyalty rewards program, contact AutoAwards at (302) 696-6000 or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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