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Car Maintenance Plan Ideas to Keep Customers Happy

As a dealership, you can offer different variations for your maintenance plans for customers to buy. Most customers want a plan to cover oil changes, parts that typically need to be replaced, and tire rotation. That’s why adding more value to your plan, even in little ways that aren’t very costly to your dealership, appeals to your customers. Here’s some ideas we have to add more value.

Prepaid Maintenance Programs

Automotive prepaid maintenance programs are one of the best offers for your customers. With AutoAwards’ prepaid maintenance programs, we really put you in control with fully-customizable programs for your customers.

Standard Maintenance

There is value-added maintenance that a prepaid program might include like recharging of the air conditioner and replacement of brakes. Free oil change for two years or more is a popular add-on to a prepaid maintenance plan.

Another plan can include no cost maintenance on any recommended service based on factory standard maintenance for a vehicle. These plans are usually offered for 2 years or have a limit to the number of miles driven before they expire.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is gaining in popularity for dealerships to add to their prepaid maintenance programs. These plans offer peace of mind to customers in the event they need the assistance.

Offer a Free Car Wash

Another add-on to a prepaid maintenance program could also include a car wash and cleaning of the interior of the car. There’s several ways you can add this to a plan, whether you offer it for free, have customers pre-pay for the service, or offer it as a loyalty program benefit.

Seasonal Maintenance Plan

This is for people that live in areas that have difficult climates during the winter and summer seasons. You can come up with a plan covering filling fluid or changing wiper blades.

Ensure Your Dealership is Different

You don’t have to offer exactly what your competitors are offering. Be creative and offer what your customers need during the first few years of their car ownership.

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