5 Marketing Ideas Proven to Work for Auto Dealerships
Marketing Ideas for Auto Dealerships Customer Retention

5 Marketing Ideas Proven to Work for Auto Dealerships

Today’s automotive customers are consistently turning to the online realm to research the best options for their needs. Current statistics indicate that up to 92% of auto shoppers will explore their options online before they ever set foot inside your dealership.

This fact means that finding the right marketing strategies for your dealership is more important than ever. With this point made, our team at AutoAwards has 5 proven automotive service marketing ideas for you to consider.

Stay Active on Your Social Media Platforms

Getting active on social media platforms and staying active is one of the proven marketing strategies that our AutoAwards team recommends to our clients. The current data indicates that 79% of the population in the United States has profiles on major social media platforms. Your business cannot afford to be inactive in this space.

Make Wise Use of Your Email Database

Wide use of your email database includes providing practical, helpful information to your customers. You can include links to blog posts and personalized email campaigns.

Build a Website Focused on Being SEO-Friendly

In today’s business field dominated by the online realm, it is essential to ensure that your dealership’s website is SEO-friendly. Offer regular blog posts and design a site that is easy to navigate and loads up quickly. Working with a content marketing specialist can be a great idea if your budget allows for this.

Build Strong Networking Relationships with Relevant Local Businesses

Another one of our proven automotive service marketing ideas is to partner up with non-competing local businesses in your area to offer compelling rewards for your loyal customers.

Bring in New Customers with a Quality Loyalty Rewards Program

Launching your own AutoAwards customer loyalty rewards program is another proven way to market your dealership successfully. Our programs offer benefits such as benchmarking, real-time reporting of data, and goal assessment, among other benefits.

Find Out How to Start Your Loyalty Rewards Program Today

When you contact the AutoAwards team, you benefit from a consultation that will provide you with the information you need to launch your loyalty rewards program for your automotive dealership. Contact us by calling 302-696-6000 or by leaving us a message online to get in touch with you about launching an auto dealership loyalty rewards program that will make a difference for your business.

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