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5 Ways to Maximize Automotive Sales this Holiday Season Through Your Rewards Program

It is that season once more. Automotive dealerships around the nation are scaling up for the holiday season.  It’s time to start planning how to capture more rewards program sign ups from your promotions during the holiday. Discover ideal ways to leverage the holiday visitors through enhancing your loyalty rewards program.

How to Find the Right Strategy

It can take time and effort to find the right strategy for marketing your automotive dealership loyalty program. Instead of testing on your own, use strategies by the market experts at AutoAwards to streamline the process.

Here’s a few things to consider about customers when you’re creating a strategy:

  • Customers want the best deals available to them
  • Dealerships needs to make their offers up front and center since customers have short attention spans and typically multi-task during the holidays
  • Consider there’s a lot of competitors in the market now and it’s important to boost the relevance of the benefits of the loyalty program
  1. Incentivize Joining the Rewards Program

Having rewards that are available for immediate use is one way to encourage customers to join your rewards program. With the spend increasing during the holiday season, customers look for coupons and other incentives to ease their wallet. By including these in your loyalty program, they’ll be more enticed to sign up on the spot if they need repair, services, or to make automotive purchases at your dealership.

  1. Capture Their Attention with Low Priced Offers

Most stores have low priced offers to get people in the doors. These are called “loss leaders,” and are typically very low priced to get people to go to the dealership. These incentives often get people’s attention away from competitors if a customer has been on the fence about purchasing from a brand.

A way to incorporate these into your rewards program is to offer more points that usual during the holiday season. Doubling points or offering a test drive bonus are just two ways to do this.

  1. Get Customers Through Social Media

If you use social media for advertising, the amount of people’s activity increases on these platforms during the holiday season. Engage customers on social media during the holidays and offer unique incentives through posts and activated content online. You may see some companies giving a countdown to Christmas that provides new reward incentives each day.

  1. Give Throughout the Entire Year

For most automotive dealership rewards programs, they give throughout the year. By emphasizing this in your loyalty rewards promotions, these benefits become more prominent in a potential customer’s mind. Who doesn’t like gifts throughout the year? While planting that seed during the holiday season, customers could be more motivated to sign up for the program.

  1. Use the Power of Gaming

Online gaming is now a popular e-sport with millions of gamers online every day. Research has shown that gamification is an engaging form of advertising. By offering a game inside your website online that can provide special discounts of other offers to users, this can boost your rewards program registrations.

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