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Mind-blowing Automotive Marketing Consultant Numbers

Numbers prove our automotive marketing solution success!

Mind-blowing Automotive Marketing Consultant Numbers

For 25 years, AutoAwards by Nucar Consulting has been widely recognized as a leader in creating automotive marketing solutions for dealerships – and we thought we’d share some crazy statistics about our influence so far.

First, there has been a 1 BILLION dollar spend with our programs in dealerships to date. One billion is a hard number to wrap your mind around, but here is a great way to put it somewhat into context:

“How big is a billion? If a billion kids made a human tower, they would stand up past the moon. If you sat down to count from one to one billion, you would be counting for 95 years. If you found a goldfish bowl large enough hold a billion goldfish, it would be as big as a stadium.”

Here’s another way. Imagine how quickly a second goes whooshing by. Now, do you know how long it would take for one billion seconds to go by? Thirty-one years!

Here are a couple more amazing figures to consider. There are 1.9 million members enrolled in our programs. To put that into context, think about this. A webpage, undated, shares that one million hours ago, it was . . . 1885! To put THAT into context, 1885 was the year that the world’s first motorcycle was road-tested for three kilometers by Adolf Daimler.

And, we have nearly two million members enrolled, remember – so 1.9 million hours ago, it was somewhere around the decade of the 1750s. This, of course, was long before any motorized vehicle was traveling down a road. In fact, in that era, “The passage to America was treacherous by any standard. Many of the immigrants were too poor to pay for the journey and therefore indentured themselves to wealthier colonialists – selling their services for a period of years in return for the price of the passage. Crammed into a small wooden ship, rolling and rocking at the mercy of the sea, the voyagers – men, women and children – endured hardships unimaginable to us today. Misery was the most common description of a journey that typically lasted seven weeks.”

Finally, one more stat to ponder. Members have earned 150.1 million points from participating in our automotive marketing programs. To put that number into context, the sun is 150 million kilometers from Earth!

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The bottom line is that we’ve been helping dealerships for quite some time now, with incredible numbers of success stories – and we’d like to help you, too. Contact us online to talk to one of our professional automotive marketing consultants or call us at 309-696-6000.

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Since our founding in 1991, AutoAwards has been widely recognized as the industry-leader in automotive and marine loyalty marketing, earning longstanding relationships with many of the industry’s most successful dealer groups and OEMs. AutoAwards understands the #1 predictive factor for dealer growth and profitability. Customer loyalty is the most successful way to build revenue. AutoAwards has always recognized the need for top notch, highly creative, effective loyalty strategies in large and small businesses alike. Contact us online to talk about dealer loyalty or call (800) 405-4227.

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