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Niche Automotive Marketing Consultant Tips

Power of niche marketing for the automotive industry

Your Automotive Marketing Consultant Shares Niche Marketing Tips

“Niche players share a common set of traits. These include a deep understanding of their customers and their customers’ needs and the ability to stay engaged with those customers.” (Entrepreneur)

We decided to blog about niche marketing this month for two reasons. First, it’s important that, when you market to your potential customers, you market to them in a way that works well for dealerships. Although there will be similarities to marketing strategies used in other industries, dealership marketing also has features unique to the industry. The second reason we’re blogging on the topic is that AutoAwards is a niche marketing company. We focus on helping dealerships reach their target audiences, and we’ve been doing that for 25 years. Here’s more about the benefits of niche marketing.

Niche Marketing is Cost Effective

After you have targeted your pool of ideal clients, all of your energy will be invested in engaging with this select group to study their unique needs and problems. Then, once their pain points are clearly identified, the solutions become clearer, too. More time can be spent putting your vehicles and auto services into the hands of happy, committed clients who don’t need to be convinced any further.

Niche Marketing is Remarkably Efficient

You will become like that fisherman or woman who knows exactly how to locate the prime fishing spots, spending a whole lot less time on guesswork. Your offerings will be driven by the specific needs of a clientele that you understand intimately. Because you are uniquely responsive to them, they will respond in kind. There’s nothing like feeling listened to, and the rewards for your business can be sizeable, giving you optimal return on your investment.

Niche Marketing Establishes You as a Leader

As an innovator, you become someone to watch within your industry. With the prevalence of social media, customers are always searching for the next new thing and they will learn to trust you as the person and company with the know-how, giving your dealership a wider platform.

Niche Marketing: Fits Like a Glove

Because you know your specific products and services so intimately, it becomes clear that you are offering unique value. By knowing your clients, listening to them and innovating based on their feedback, you have a recipe for providing expertise that can be quite lucrative.

AutoAwards: Automotive Marketing Company of Choice

If you’ve ever dealt with a marketing company that doesn’t understand the car industry, you know how frustrating that experience can be. Sure, they may be good at marketing shoes or medical equipment, but they need to start at ground zero when working with a dealership. And you’re too busy for that.

Skip the frustration. AutoAwards works with dealerships. Having served the auto industry since 1991, we know the heartbeat of the business. What does this mean for you? Our automotive marketing consultant team already understands your industry and the unique issues your dealership faces. Having worked with hundreds of other dealerships big and small, we know the trends, challenges and opportunities that exist. We are committed to helping you get the results you are striving for. We know how to interpret your bottom line and the issues you need to address in your dealership.

If you are looking for an automotive marketing company with experience and commitment to serving the industry, AutoAwards is what you’ve been looking for. We are ready to put our one hundred years of combined automotive retail expertise at your fingertips. For a free fifteen-minute consultation about marketing for the automotive industry, contact us online or call 302-696-6000.

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