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Prepaid Maintenance Program for Auto Dealerships

Prepaid Maintenance Programs Boost Customer Retention for Dealerships

The latest science indicates the reputation of a vehicle manufacturer’s service department influences most consumers’ decisions when purchasing vehicles. Most of these customers looked up reviews before picking their final decision.

When customers return for service, dealers get the chance to reignite the business relationship. Exceptional service departments bring in more sales by delivering great customer experiences.

Top Factors Customers Consider When Choosing Their Dealership

Customers prefer to work with dealers who have high-quality service departments because these service departments provide better customer service experiences. When the dealership’s service department gives customers high-quality service, they form lifelong business relationships.

Benefits of Automotive Prepaid Maintenance Programs for Dealers

When dealers offer prepaid maintenance service options, it ensures that customers return to their location to maintain their vehicle. Recent participants in these programs indicate dealership sales increased by as many as double for customers who enroll in these types of programs.

Dealers can better negotiate to receive better deals on their services when using their prepaid customers as a leverage point. One more point that can be quite significant is the benefit given to the public’s perception of the dealership.

Prepaid maintenance programs for dealers often improve people’s perception of the dealership considerably and make it much more popular in the community. Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertising, still even in the modern age.

Benefits of Automotive Loyalty Marketing Solutions for Customers

Customers do not need to worry about whether they can afford the repairs their car needs because they have already paid for them. Often, they can save more money than they would have if they had waited and paid for the repairs at the time of service. Customers can have these added to vehicles regardless of the vehicles’ mileage, thanks to the special design of these programs.

If you are interested in more information about auto dealer loyalty marketing solutions, then you should get a consultation with AutoAwards to start a prepaid maintenance program for their dealership with a loyalty rewards program included. Contact us at (302) 696-6000, so we can speak today about starting your auto dealership rewards program.

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