Title Tag: Prepaid Maintenance Programs Can Help You to Effectively Communicate with Dealership Customers
Prepaid maintenance programs communicate with customers

Prepaid Maintenance Programs Can Help You to Effectively Communicate with Dealership Customers

The ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a lot of slowdown in various sectors of the economy. The auto dealership field has undoubtedly seen a decrease in revenue since the health crisis began. Many auto dealership owners are looking for ways to avoid a revenue slump, and they are turning to prepaid maintenance programs for dealers.

When implemented correctly, these programs can help today’s dealerships communicate effectively with customers while the health crisis continues to be ongoing. The team at AutoAwards has some suggestions for how dealerships can utilize maintenance programs to continue to communicate with customers and generate revenue.

Offered Reserved Service Hours for At-Risk Customers

One of the best ways to build favor with customers during the health crisis is to offer reserved service hours for members of the population at-risk due to underlying medical conditions.

Offer Service Options to Consider

Offering services such as vehicle pickup, delivery, and remote servicing are ways that dealerships can better communicate and serve customers during the health crisis. These are services that today’s dealerships should give some thought to.

Continue to Boost Participation in Your Customer Loyalty Program

While offering customers the services that they receive through their maintenance programs, there is also plenty of time to continue to remind members and new customers to keep coming back for your dealership’s customer loyalty program.

Focus On the Customer

The bottom line is that a maintenance program should be to make it customer centric. Continue to offer outstanding customer service while offering a high standard of work. Anything that can be done to go above and beyond can help with customer communication and build continued loyalty.

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