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Local Merchant Partnerships


Partnership Marketing & Community Brand Building

Launch a local merchant partnership as a powerful means to make an impact within your community and engage your customers.

Your hand-selected merchant partners offer your customers exclusive offers and discounts just for doing business with YOU. Consequently you build a strong bond with your local community (and customers) as your dealership becomes the conduit in keeping local business strong and successful.

Completely developed and managed by our team, your “Keep it Local” merchant program combines the power of well-known brands with the relevance of local brick and mortar merchants in your area.

Why are local brick-and-mortar deals so important? Over 80 percent of all consumer spending takes place in-store within 20 miles of home. As a result your “Keep it Local” program will help contribute to America’s largest merchant network of local, everyday savings, and we guarantee your customers will love you for providing them access to this exclusive program.

Imagine the possibilities….

  • Dining & Food
  • Apparel
  • Electronics
  • Hotel & Travel
  • Car Rental
  • Movie Tickets
  • Theme Parks
  • Sporting Events
  • Auto Care
  • And more…

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