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Car Loyalty Programs Benefit Auto Dealerships

Rewards Programs Increase Car Dealership Exposure And Customer Retention

Dealerships Offer Consumer Programs Incentives To Help Consumers

When boosting their memberships in consumer loyalty programs, many car dealerships are adopting programs similar to retail box stores. These programs provide incentives to consumers and reward them for purchasing parts and services. Most of these programs are free to participate in, and give rewards toward future purchases, including auto sales and automotive repair services.

Analysis Is Proof

One marketing study’s analysis has determined that consumers using local loyalty programs are nearly twice as likely to return to a favored dealership for service if reward programs are utilized. Additionally, they tend to spend nearly twice as much as first-time customers. Coincidentally, dealerships employing loyalty programs sell as many as 15 vehicles per month more than dealerships devoid of such programs.

Loyalty Program Examples

The Nissan corporation exemplifies the efficacy in using customer loyalty programs. It has implemented what it calls the One-To-One Rewards program, which involves 80% of its dealerships. Josh Lifton, a representative of Nissan reports that over the 3.5 years this program has been in place, it has created a 4.2 million person membership, increased return customer visits exponentially, and has increased the sales numbers of the majority of its member dealerships.

Additionally, Nissan has partnered with more than 300 retailers to infuse customer incentives into buying programs. The point systems of these buying programs have provided incredible options for customers to include car buying options with their normal purchasing habits and preferences. This effort has become successful enough to be launched onto a mobile communications App interface.

Successful Auto Loyalty Programs

Other car loyalty programs include the Facebook campaign launched by Rusty Wallis in Dallas, TX. His Honda dealership regularly offers points for special events, dates, and military service. Blocks of 500 points, or more are calculated toward $25 increments subtracted from vehicle purchases and dealer car services.

Get Started With Your Auto Loyalty Rewards Program

There is calculable proof that car dealer rewards programs result in increased sales and service purchases. It is up to the individual dealer to be creative in designing programs that attract local consumers, and create the most incentives for brand recognition, market penetration, dealership exposure, and location loyalty.

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