Testimonial - AutoAwards


Fred B.

In today’s world, customer expectations are at an all-time high. Our AutoRewards® program builds a gate around our most valuable customers and makes sure their ownership experience is second to none. Our AutoRewards® program is not just a program, it is our way of lite.

Warren L.

One major reason we are #1 in our Zone in long term customer retention is (our account rep) Helen and her AutoAwards team. We have not had a better consultant in our store in 25 years!.

Alan G.

Our program has taken off and started a life of its own. The “World of Erhard” has been in the highline BMW and Land Rover business for 42 years and we take true customer satisfaction very seriously. Today’s environment requires Customer Loyalty to be successful.

Rob M.

NuCar has put together an amazing program, backed by excellent customer service and top-notch training. I would confidently recommend them to any dealer looking to take their customer relationships to the next level.

Jim S.

Great tool for building customer retention. The entire staff of Auto Awards has a passion for the process and the product

Dave G.

Many programs have come and gone through our dealership, all promising to fix one issue or another. This program is the only one I really believe in. I can see the results…

Tim B.

You continue to be our number one service provider of third party vendors. Congrats NUCAR you rock. 🙂

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