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The Best Options To Increase Customer Loyalty And Provide Incentives For Car Purchases

Car Buyer Loyalty Programs

The enticements offered to car buyers to make a purchase is an old concept. There are cash back rebates, car loyalty programs, and discounted prices used as incentives.

According to Incentive Magazine, United States consumers are more motivated to purchase a car when offered cash back. Considering the appeal of a $1,000 rebate immediately available on a prepaid card, in comparison to a discount received over the course of the loan, it is not surprising a rebate is one preferred choice.

Prepaid Cards

An individual is more likely to take a test drive if an incentive is involved. According to a survey, the most effective combination is a rebate for $500 after purchase and a prepaid card for $50. Customers have stated they would give their loyalty to a dealership if they were provided with a $100 prepaid card for each year they went to the dealership for service and a $10 prepaid card every time they received service. This is one way to ensure customer loyalty.

The Best Incentive

Prepaid cards are also an excellent incentive for individuals shopping for tires. The strongest motivation for anyone interested in tires is a $50 prepaid card. The surprise is the $50 card has been more effective than a $60 card, $300 of discounts for tire services in the future, or free oil changes for an entire year. This is the premise of instant gratification over savings in the future.

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