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Automotive marketing agency

The right automotive marketing agency: make the best choice

Choosing an Automotive Marketing Agency

When it comes to developing a marketing strategy for your dealership, you have plenty of questions, such as:

  • How do you know if your marketing program is the best one to get customers to choose you over your competitor?
  • What strategies should you implement to make sure you are getting the most for your marketing dollars?
  • How can you gather laser-targeted information about your customers so you can deliver what they need?
  • What loyalty programs will keep bringing customers in the door?
  • What about email marketing?

You find a company that offers interesting services, but doesn’t have experience in the automotive industry – and it doesn’t make sense to spend time educating them from the ground up. You may find another company that offers one service of interest, say email marketing, but then you’d have to find another vendor for automotive CRM software, another one to develop dealer loyalty programs and so forth. Again, is that the best use of your time? And how will these programs be integrated with so many vendors?

Fortunately, AutoAwards has a full menu of services available to help you enhance your current marketing strategies.

Experienced Automotive Marketing Agency

With 25 years of experience, we can provide insights into your customers, customize your dealer loyalty programs and much more. As just some highlights:

  • Our automotive CRM software, Flexstat, helps you to improve your customer targeting. It provides feedback to give you a better idea of the behavior of your customers. Having this information enables your dealership to also make informed decisions on how best to reach your customers. This makes your company more interactive with your customers and, in turn, encourages repeat business.
  • Our automotive loyalty points program is a great marketing tool. This program drives in repeat business by allowing your customers to earn rebate points as well as rewards. Your incentive program will set you apart from you competitors by rewarding your customers for their loyalty.
  • AutoAwards’ automotive gift rewards program is also designed to ensure loyalty. Instead of points, offers can include gift certificates to restaurants, invitations to exclusive events or other incentives. The program is customizable and helps to support your dealership’s success.
  • What about an automotive prepaid maintenance program?
  • With automotive eCommunication targeting, you can send personalized transactional-based emails to your customers. This can be integrated to your dealer loyalty program and allows you to reach your customers more efficiently. Engaging customers at every level of the customer life cycle, the system is sure to become a dynamic element in your marketing strategy.

Regardless of who your customer is, AutoAwards has the tools to help you reach them. With our full range of services available, we will help you keep your customers more engaged and loyal to your dealership. Contact us online to discuss why AutoAwards is right choice for your automotive marketing agency. Or call 302-696-6000.

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AutoAwards Team

Since our founding in 1991, AutoAwards has been widely recognized as the industry-leader in automotive and marine loyalty marketing, earning longstanding relationships with many of the industry’s most successful dealer groups and OEMs. AutoAwards understands the #1 predictive factor for dealer growth and profitability. Customer loyalty is the most successful way to build revenue. AutoAwards has always recognized the need for top notch, highly creative, effective loyalty strategies in large and small businesses alike. Contact us online to talk about dealer loyalty or call (800) 405-4227.

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