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Auto Dealerships Boost Sales Rewards Programs

Today’s Automotive Dealerships Can Boost Their Sales By Adding A Rewards Program

The Clear Benefits of Loyalty Rewards Within Prepaid Dealership Service Programs

Today’s overall economy is in a constant state of evolution, and the automotive dealership sector is no exception to this. It is no surprise that today’s dealerships are always looking for ways to boost business and retain customers. Many automotive dealerships are starting to offer higher levels of service with prepaid maintenance programs. To accomplish this, many launched a loyalty rewards program to keep dealership service bays active.

Increase in Profit from Prepaid Maintenance Services

The National Automotive Dealers Association recently reported that profits from dealership service departments are up to an impressive forty-nine percent. With this point in mind, there is also an increase for these businesses to offer their customers prepaid maintenance programs.

AutoAwards is a company known for providing today’s dealerships with a host of loyalty program benefits, and the company is known as the leading provider of prepaid maintenance programs for dealers. These programs can play a crucial role in the context of a dealership loyalty program.

An Outstanding Program for Today’s Dealerships

The AutoAwards OwnerZONE program is an ideal option for today’s dealerships that want to offer a prepaid vehicle maintenance service to their customers. We can customize your program in terms of its cost structure, sales team, and the marketplace from a geographic standpoint. This program also has the benefit of needing no pre-authorization or third-party interactions, and it is absent from high administrative fees.

The Difference Maker for Today’s Dealerships

At AutoAwards, we have been serving the automotive dealership community for the past 25 years. We would love to speak to you today about how we can help with vehicle maintenance plans for auto dealerships. Contact our team today for a webinar, consultation, or other key information. Call us at (302) 696-6000 today!

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