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5 Ways Dealerships Use CRM Software with Leads

Often, an auto dealership is disappointed by their CRM software. Many auto dealerships are not hitting the numbers they want or seeing expected improvements, despite their continuous investments into customer relationship management programs.

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Falsely, these issues are attributed to failure of the CRM software. Viewing the software as the culprit is a common mistake that causes auto dealerships to overlook the real problem, which is usually that the user is not fully taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the software system.

Here’s a few tips on how to use CRM software to its potential of being more effective for your auto dealership.

1. Be Aware of the Proper Processes 

The foundation of proper CRM software use is to make sure the user understands how to create consistent communication with your customers. But, often, a dealership’s staff is not fully aware of the potential CRM software to fully communicate with your customers.

This results in the dealership under developing their CRM process. They relay the message to their employees that utilizing the CRM software is not considered a priority by the management team and they do not fully engage with their CRM system.

It’s human behavior for the potential that the dealership’s staff will not properly complete their assigned tasks in the CRM if they are trained to think those tasks aren’t important. The failure to complete these tasks properly could lead to a negative fluctuation with customer satisfaction and lowers the conversion rate of possible leads to direct sales.

2. Always Be Accountable 

The lack of accountability for the auto dealership’s CRM software utilization results in the staff’s perception that the CRM system is irrelevant. Without management support and total accountability, the dealership suffers with fewer appointments, and can result in less car sales. The bottom line is that, despite the money, the time and the resources that a dealership invests, without accountability, the staff will not be receptive, and the process would then be off track.

3. Keep it Simple 

The process used to follow up on the dealership’s leads should be simple. A complicated lead follow up system will overwhelm the staff and will result in difficulty prioritizing the tasks. This can then lead to several tasks overdue in the CRM, as well as losing the most critical opportunities in the process. A simple process that is streamlined offers better engagement with the customers and more effective results.

4. Enter Every Opportunity into CRM Software

One often repeated phrase, is “if it did not get entered into the CRM, it did not happen.” It is highly unlikely that a lead that does not get entered in the dealership’s CRM will be followed up with. It is important to enter every interaction with a possible customer, whether it is a walk-in customer just looking around, or possible customer calling in to ask a question.

5. Always Go Beyond the Point of Sale 

The auto dealership’s CRM software solution should help manage the full customer cycle from the very first interest, to the purchase of the vehicle, and then into the next purchase or maintenance service. The CRM software should be used to develop a lifetime relationship with the customer. Failing to try building lifetime relationships with your customers is a waste of your investment of time and money. Keep in mind the cost of acquiring new customers is much greater than the cost of selling to current customers. That’s why it’s important to use CRM software to follow up with your customers.


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Auto dealership lead management software starts from the goal to use it and succeeds each step, one customer at a time. The auto dealership and the staff will reap the reward of an effectively used CRM software system.

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