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Top Services Offered by a Prepaid Maintenance Program

One of the most essential things that help auto retailers maintain a steady stream of business is with Dealer Prepaid Maintenance Plans. By offering these plans, auto retailers are able to establish loyalty among customers. With this loyalty, they will be in position to have customers come to the dealership on a regular basis. A Dealer Prepaid Maintenance Plan helps with customer retention and also establishes loyalty as well.

There are some common services offered to customers with the Prepaid Maintenance Programs.
These services include:

-Tire Rotation and pressure checks
-Alignment checks
-Replacement of wiper blades
-Air filter replacements
-Lube, oil and filter changes with synthetic oil
-System flushes
-Discounts on parts, service and accessories
-Body Repairs
-Cleaning and detailing

Dealership Preventative Maintenance Provides More Revenue

With Dealership Preventative Maintenance Programs, auto retailers will have the ability to generate more revenue on a consistent basis. A vast majority of customers who come in for a PPM will often purchase additional services.
Those who come back on a regular basis will most likely purchase a new vehicle from the same dealership. As a result, this program will help not only generate more revenue in the present, but also generate more sales in the future.
Another important thing about preventative maintenance programs is that they also prevent customers from going to another dealership to get service and purchase a vehicle. Therefore, this program is vital to preventing the loss of customers.

Benefits of Prepaid Maintenance Programs

There are a number of benefits offered by prepaid maintenance programs to customers. These benefits will often include:

-Drivers being able to pay for future maintenance at present day prices
-Service is fast and convenient since it has already been paid for
-The cost of the program is included in the monthly car payment
-Eliminates maintenance budget
-Services are performed by certified auto technicians
-Resale value of the vehicle is increased through a digital records upkeep
-Only factory authorized parts and fluids are used

Any auto consumers who are looking to learn more about automotive prepaid maintenance programs will want to contact AutoAwards to learn more about setting up a program.

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