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Auto Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program Increases Revenue

The Top 4 Ways a Loyalty Rewards Program Increases Revenue

Recent studies show that 95% of all car sales occur at the dealership, but that isn’t where car buyers begin their journey. The 21st century has put technology in everyone’s fingertips, and it has become the go-to method for how everyone researches information. If local auto shops are going to keep up with the times, they need to increase their presence on the web.

One of the significant hurdles car dealerships face when it comes to online marketing is gaining leads. With so many other dealerships vying for the same customers, marketing campaigns need to be calculated and precise to catch potential customers accurately. Below, we’ve listed a variety of methods to help automotive dealerships get the leads they want.

  1. Free or Discounted Maintenance Appointment

Offer points every time your customers come to the service department for repairs and maintenance. As the points accumulate over time from each visit, let them earn a free or discounted maintenance appointment.

AutoAwards’ prepaid vehicle maintenance program gives you a way to tie in service and rewards. It is proven to increase customer retention for our clients across the nation.

  1. Holiday and Birthday Awards

Attach incentives to birthdays and holidays by establishing a loyalty rewards program. You can offer exclusive perks such as discounts towards a vehicle purchase or half-off oil changes.

But how will you know it is your customer’s birthday? With a CRM software system, you can track important customer information like birthdays, what car they bought, interests, and when it is time to service their vehicle.

  1. Gift Cards

Have pre-loaded gift cards available as rewards at the dealership to give your customers what they want. Offer them as an incentive when customers purchase a vehicle or as part of the loyalty reward program.

As part of our Keep It Local program, we help your dealership reach the local community by building partnerships with other businesses. One of the rewards we offer is pre-loaded gift cards to your customers’ favorite local restaurant or sports game venue. Your customers will love the rewards you give them.

  1. Make your Presence Known on Social Media

Does your dealership use social media as a marketing tool? If not, then it is time to jump on the bandwagon. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linked In are an essential tool for any business trying to market itself. When used correctly and effectively managed, it can be just as effective if not more effective than a newspaper ad or TV commercial.

A study done by the National Automobile Dealers Association estimates that most auto dealers spend approximately $64,000 a year advertising online. A dealership can be the most effective with customer retention by starting a branded auto dealership rewards program.

Local Auto Dealership Marketing Made Easy

If you are looking to gain ROI through a customer retention program, Auto Awards designed a proven branded auto dealership loyalty program that works. Learn more about what this program has to offer. Call us for a free consultation at (302) 696-6000.

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