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Train Employees For Effective Car Dealership Loyalty Programs

6 Ways to Train Your Employees for an Effective Car Loyalty Program

The determining factor in the success of a loyalty program is your staff. It does not matter about the rewards given away if the staff leave much to be desired when it comes to customer care and service. At AutoAwards, our loyalty program makes educating your staff easy. We provide hands-on training for your employees throughout the year. Our training empowers your employees to easily enroll customers into your rewards program. Each employee receives an in-depth understanding of their role in making the loyalty program a success with measurable goals for them to achieve.

Making certain that staff is educated and aware is key in order to have a successful rewards program. You can focus on sales if your staff pushes the rewards program and voices how much knowledge they have. For example, why would a customer consider buying a car from someone who knows nothing about the latest safety features in a car? If you want to sell the car dealership rewards program, then your staff is the key.

Below are 6 ways you to educate your staff:

  1. Train employees about the rewards and details of your rewards program

What are the rewards customers receive? When customers ask, they want to know what’s in it for them. Employees should know all of what the rewards entail. Besides how to earn the rewards, what are the other details about your rewards programs?

Instead of leaving it to chance that your employees will remember, you can print the reward structure and tiers. Have this information on signs and brochures nearby for your employees and customers to access. Keep your employees abreast of any changes to the structure or tiers of your rewards program.

  1. Teach staff about other rewards and promotions

Automated rewards are going to be a surprise to your customers. They will like the extra attention to detail that comes in the inbox or on their phones. Let employees know about these minor details. If you are sending our promotions, it is good to keep employees up to date.

If customers come in and ask about the latest promotion, and the employee does not know, then it makes the customer wonder about the company’s cohesive nature. Also, staff should not be confused about any promotional offers. Staff should know how the messages are received and how often. You can give reminders at staff meetings.

  1. Show them how to use the app or software properly

Employees should know how to get customers on board and how to sign them up. Give some incentives to employees if they get a certain number of customers signed up. Employees should know how to give or redeem rewards in your loyalty system.

  1. Teach your staff how to troubleshoot

If your loyalty program depends on the internet and Wi-fi, then employees need to understand this detail. Having all of the loyalty program’s systems information on hand for employees will help. Be sure to have the number for customer support at the fingertips of your staff, so they can resolve issues on their own.

  1. Include rewards for your employees

It’s a good idea to give your staff rewards too. If they sign up a certain amount of people every week or every month, then they will be more inclined to participate. Make the staff rewards something they will be interested in. Give employees access to the dashboard so they can see how well they are doing with getting people signed up. Making your staff rewards enticing will make them keep up with where they are in the progress of getting customers signed up.

  1. Keep it simple

Offering exciting rewards is fun, but do not go overboard. Making your loyalty program complicated will only mean less customers sign up. Also, your staff could easily get confused amidst the remainder of their duties as an employee. Instead of forcing conversions, make it straightforward to keep it simple with your rewards structure.

To get started with creating your brand loyalty automotive dealership rewards program, contact AutoAwards at (302) 696-6000 or contact us.

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