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Traits of highly engaged customers and how to gain loyalty

Five Indicators of a Highly Engaged Customer

You can’t hit a target if it isn’t in your sights, right? Successful businesses thrive as they grow a base of highly-engaged customers, but do you know what yours look like? Let’s take a brief look at five key indicators of a highly engaged customer.

1.  It’s Personal

Engaged customers lead with the heart when it comes to the brand they favor. There is a real connection and rapport that these customers feel toward the products and services they love. They see themselves reflected in the designs, features and ads the brand offers. In a word, these customers feel listened to by their brand. And, they believe they are receiving personalized, customized care. Everybody loves that kind of attention!

2. The Customer Perceives Value

An engaged customer is one who perceives that his or her distinct emotional needs are being addressed and met through their preferred brand. In the previous post we talked about the Apple iPhone and how teens are so enthused about this product. Apple has been able to market effectively to youth by understanding their desire to appear as hip and cool. The iPhone’s design, features, and image cater to this need. Not surprisingly, Apple is massively popular among teens and young adults, who understand that the company gets them.

3. The Connection is Emotional

As with any other type of relationship, the connection between a customer and his/her preferred brand is colored with emotion. We all know that certain sounds, smells and sights can trigger memories and feelings. Engaged consumers are those who continue to accumulate positive emotional associations related to their brand of choice. The emotional satisfaction gained by this interaction causes customers to be eager to spend repeatedly. In fact, a 2014 Rosetta Study on customer engagement found that engaged customers were six times more likely to believe that “this brand is worth more than I pay for it.”

4. There is a Relationship of Trust

Customers who are engaged believe their brand of choice is trustworthy. Because of numerous positive interactions, these consumers are ready to listen to their brand’s advice and to trust the company regarding new products and innovations. Businesses who work to actively engage their clientele are rewarded with consumers who give them their vote of confidence. These buyers will choose them over competitors based on positive past experiences and the careful attention they have received.

5. Money Isn’t Everything

Highly engaged consumers are not afraid of spending. Again, the Rosetta Study documented that this group spent 60% more than other consumers, on average, per transaction. Furthermore, they are five times more likely to say those magic words: “This is the only brand I would choose.” The same pattern was present no matter the industry, from athletic clothing to fast food. Investing in developing a customer base that is highly engaged is the path to exponential growth of your business. “Even small improvements in engagement metrics can dramatically increase your value to your customer.”

Automotive Dealership CRM Software Provides Insights

The good news is that the effort your business makes to increase customer engagement can have substantial results. Are you ready to get started, but feeling a little intimidated about where to begin? AutoAwards has developed our automotive CRM software and dealer loyalty program with you in mind.

Our technology will assist you in developing unique, memorable and branded experiences that will create rapport and ongoing relationships with your clients throughout the entire customer life cycle. We work with you to develop a system that is customized, allows for seamless integration, and captures your unique customer metrics. If you are looking for better customer data and greater insights to drive a more personalized customer experience, we are here to help! The time is now to engage your customers throughout the life cycle with our automotive loyalty program and CRM software.  Check us out online or call 302-696-6000 today.

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