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3 Ways Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty Programs Increase Revenue

Customer loyalty is a powerful revenue generator and client retention strategy for today’s dealership owners. Some sales options present themselves after a customer makes an initial purchase from a dealership. Being able to get that customer back again is how a dealership retains customers.

Implementing a loyalty program helps increase a customer’s return to the dealership for services. It also encourages the customer’s return when purchasing a new vehicle.

  • Loyalty programs build the brand for the auto dealership and a customer’s perception.
  • Today’s loyalty programs are more accessible to implement than ever but need to tie into the local community
  • Today’s modern technology makes it easy to create a loyalty program that fosters customer engagement.

1.      Rewards Programs Keep the Dealership Running

 A loyalty program can help generate extra business that can go a long way toward keeping a dealership bringing in consistent profits. Many OEM manufacturers try to launch their loyalty program, but these only take customers away from the local dealership. Instead, auto dealerships need to brand their customer loyalty rewards program as their own.

2.      Rewards Programs Generate More Customers

 Loyalty programs also help dealerships build a reputation that brings in new customers. By tying in AutoAwards’ Keep It Local Program, keep your auto dealership top-of-mind with customers in the local area. Businesses who you partner with will also bring more business to you.

3.      Systems Help Dealers Know What Their Customers Want

 Dealership owners can build a much stronger relationship with their customers by offering a loyalty program. With innovative tools, AutoAwards offers a CRM software system and eCommunications to reach your new customer base and engage existing customers.

The Importance of Auto Dealership Customer Loyalty

Car loyalty programs help dealerships understand their customers better, keep business going, and generate new customers. Get started with your auto dealership loyalty program today. Contact our team at Auto Awards today at (302) 696-6000.


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