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5 Ways Auto Dealerships Use Social Media to Reach Prospective Clients

Auto dealerships benefit from social media every day. If you’re not sure how to get started, we’ve put together a list of what’s working now on social media channels.

1.  Influencer marketing reaches new audiences

Social media influencers are important to expand auto dealerships. Begin by researching social media sites for influencers in your local area who may be open to posting about your dealership. Local radio and TV stations can also be influential in your local area and reach new potential customers.

2.  Have your customers create your content

This content powers marketing through social media. Requests can be made for selfies of satisfied customers with their vehicles. Their posts generate service reviews. You can also add in an incentive and reward each contribution.

3.  Create videos to show off the vehicles

Over seventy percent of prospects are influenced by engaging videos. Plan for video reviews, car care tips, new model launches, live events and more.

4.  Engage them with Instagram Stories

People love Instagram Stories and they’re gaining in popularity right now. After recording your videos and posting them on YouTube, be sure to also post them on Instagram to leverage your content.

5.  Add specific dealership content to your social channels

AutoAwards’ Social Media Pilot program automates social media planning. This is a cost effective and easy way to feature live inventory and create high quality content. We plan all of your content and set it up to promote every day to reach your prospective clients.

AutoAwards provides both the technology and the team so the dealership can take care of the business. Daily posts are received by the audience to demonstrate the value of the dealership. Contact AutoAwards today for a consultation to learn about social media automotive dealership marketing solutions and a cost-effective solution by using the Automated Social Media Pilot tool.

Give us a call today at 302-696-6000 so we can discuss the Social Media Pilot program and how to get started.

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