4 Different Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for Dealerships
Building customer loyalty for car dealerships

4 Different Ways to Build Customer Loyalty for Dealerships

Dealerships work best when they retain loyalty from customers. This fact is why with rewards programs, you will attract individuals who match your ideal customer base.

Dealer Loyalty

Why are AutoAwards’ programs so much more responsive to your customer contacts compared to other marketing tactics? The automotive brand(s) your dealership might have first matched your customer to your dealership, but its your rewards program that will set you apart from other dealerships selling the same brands of automobiles. Then once your customers work with your staff and engage with your service team the rewards program will help reinforce the strong relationship that a rewards program naturally will forage.

When customers regularly receive rewards, they will know you better and start trusting your service and expertise. They are demonstrably interested in what your dealership has to offer, which in turn helps you build a strong relationship with them.

Salesperson Loyalty

Salespeople can serve in many areas, including helping retain customers. By creatively fusing training and a friendly work environment through auto rewards programs, dealerships can reduce turnover or increase employment length. Salespeople loyalty is crucial in a dealership because some customers base their purchase decisions on certain employees’ knowledge and expertise.

Brand Loyalty

Instead of marketing the car brand rewards program, we customize a program exclusively for your dealership. With a custom-branded rewards program, your dealership will stand out from the competition. If your competition sells the same car brand as you, differentiating your business will build customer retention.

Service Loyalty

Adding a dealership prepaid maintenance program to your loyalty program can go a long way in automotive customer retention. AutoAwards’ OwnerZone program, as part of the maintenance program that works with a branded dealership loyalty marketing program. It is one of your best tools for gaining new customers for your vehicles. It is self-administered and can be fully customized to match your clients’ needs and budget.

Community Loyalty

Another excellent way for dealerships to attract new customers is partnering with other businesses in the local community. The Keep It Local Program from AutoAwards offers the opportunity to connect with merchants in your local area. It also offers loyalty rewards to customers looking for exclusive discounts.

Whether yours is a single brand vehicle dealership or a multi-brand one, AutoAwards will help you integrate a car loyalty program into your business model and give your business a competitive edge. Call AutoAwards to receive a free consultation and all the tools necessary to excel in today’s market. Contact AutoAwards today at (302) 696-6000 to see what we can do for your auto dealership.

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