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Car Dealership Social Media Reach New Customers

3 Ways Your Car Dealership Benefits From Social Media And What It Has To Offer

Social media is like everything else — it has its pros and cons. The best thing a car dealership can do is to concentrate on the good things social media can offer its customers.

Promotion Is Key

You need to actively promote your business, or it might be considered “dead in the water.” Car dealerships that do not have a social media presence are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities.

How can you promote your car dealership on social media successfully?

1) Social media is helpful for your dealership’s inventory

You can list the latest cars and trucks you have for sale right on the social media platform.

Did you know that more than 70% of your customer base does their research and buying online? That includes cars and trucks. Find out what your customers are looking at on your website. Replicate this information in your Facebook, Instagram and other online social media profiles with the details they are looking for.

The customer just needs to search for what they need in your Facebook store or business page.

2) Link your departments to Facebook and Instagram

Whenever a customer is looking specifically for your sales or service department, finding the information on your website can be a hassle. If they’re frequently on social media platforms, make it easy for them to find. Add your departments to your store’s page on Facebook and Instagram. With one press of a button, your customers can be taken directly to the page on your website for each department.

3) Reach out to your customers and target audience online

You need to go where the customers are. Find out where your customers are socializing. They will either have, at least, a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat page. Find them where they are most likely to be.

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