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Automotive Dealership Customer Loyalty Program Increases Business

3 Ways Increase Business with Customer Loyalty Programs

Consumers who are tech savvy know how to search the Internet to find the best deal. In order to get the attention of their customers and keep them coming back, it is important for automotive dealerships to provide the consumer with as much information as possible.

There are many things that dealerships could do, including:

  • Make the customer feel valued
  • Show them their business is appreciated
  • Continue the relationship with them

Targeting Your Customers’ Interests and Behaviors

There are some things to help the consumers feel valued. Technology that includes CRM software and eCommunication targeting will increase consumer loyalty and service. It also makes it easy to get information about customers online and use this information to send targeted emails that are based on their interests.

Customers’ Motivation 

Customers can be motivated by incentives and rewards. This will allow customers to get special gift rewards or coupons to save money and also increases their business with your automotive dealership. Creating an automotive dealership rewards program using AutoAwards’ technology turnkey program can tie in other departments of the dealership, including ongoing service and maintenance.

Retain Customers 

Repeat customers will lead to more sales. By having a dealership rewards program, you can delight and surprise customers each time they come in. Customers also like rewards that can be customized to their interests and purchases.

Attract New Customers

Incentives and rewards can help attract new customers. AutoAwards has established a program for car dealerships with experience since 1991.

Benefits of an Automotive Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program: 

  • Data Available in Real Time
  • Assessments of Goals
  • Turnkey Support

AutoAwards also establishes a community program that works with businesses in your dealership’s local area. It’s called the Keep it Local Program. The program helps to build a bond with the community through special coupons and discounts available at participating venues.

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