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Customer Satisfaction Through Retention for Auto Dealerships

5 Ways to Keep Your Auto Dealership’s Customer Base Satisfied

 As an auto dealership owner, the goal of providing a customer experience that leads to retention is a constant concern. Though this is hard to dispute, figures show that there is a disparity between the opinion that today’s companies have of the customer experience they provide versus what the customers think about their service. Customers that are satisfied with their experience are more likely to return to the dealership and purchase again. Below are five key points to consider implementing in your auto dealership to increase customer retention.

1.      It Starts with Your Sales Team

 A dealership’s sales team must understand how valuable it is to retain customers. Having a friendly sales support staff, greeting customers quickly, and listening to their needs is essential to setting the tone of the customer’s experience.

2.      The Importance of the Customer

 Every car dealer loves to make a new car sale. Still, it can also be critical to remember that used car sales are one of the upcoming driving forces in dealership profitability, and these customers are ideal for prepaid maintenance programs. The maintenance program can give these customers peace of mind for their used car purchase.

3.      Avoid Becoming Overconfident

 It is important to remember that a customer’s loyalty and a customer’s satisfaction are two different things. In both cases, there is no guarantee that these points will ensure that your dealership retains a customer. The ongoing relationship through email marketing, local partnerships, and a loyalty program can help your dealership keep the customer’s attention and trust, and that leads to retention.

4.      Considerations Regarding OEM

 It is essential not to become overconfident about the ability of OEM programs within the topic of customer retention. These plans often can be used by your competitors. With AutoAwards, we create a branded loyalty program to keep your customers engaged with your auto dealership. In our case studies, our program outperforms the competition and OEM programs.

5.      Actively Work on Retention

 Actively working on retention is one of the biggest keys to accomplishing it. Offering customers real rewards through a loyalty program can be powerful in keeping their ongoing attention and fitting into their lifestyle. When you use a branded customer loyalty program by AutoAwards, we also include our Keep It Local program that maximizes our efficiency to keep customers coming back to your dealership.

Keep Your Customers Satisfied Through Offering Loyalty Rewards

At AutoAwards we help auto dealerships create loyalty programs that assist them in retaining customers since 1991. Call us today at 302-696-6000 to discover how we can increase your auto dealership’s customer retention.

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