What CRM Do Car Dealers Use?
Auto Dealership CRM Software Increase Customer Retention

What CRM Do Car Dealers Use?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) should be the core of an auto dealership business. Why? Because a CRM offers incredible benefits beyond what conventional marketing strategies provide. With automotive CRM software, you can have a central location to store, access, and analyze data related to customers, prospects, opportunities, and leads.

Automotive CRM software facilitates the display of actionable data. It helps you turn it into comprehensive insights for improving sales, establishing customer rapport, personalizing the experience to enhance customer loyalty, and boosting productivity and profitability.

AutoAwards can help you enhance your CRM strategies with our help and expertise:

  • Manage leads: Tap into customers you already have. Track past sales and deliver the right message to the right customer. Strategies can include email, social media messages, targeted phone campaigns or strategic communication strategies when customers visit your dealership.
  • Better communication: Learning customers’ touchpoints, interests, and budget comes in handy and helps better communicate with them. AutoAwards can help you tap into this information.
  • Measurable results: See what your sales team has achieved. Track repeat sales and continued visits to service over time. Generate referrals and grow your dealership by efficiently utilizing your marketing resources.

Life Cycle Management

Automotive CRM software enables the smooth transition of generating leads and purchases. It lets the dealers collect and sort leads, facilitate appropriate finance schemes, convince prospects to take a test drive, follow-up, and keep them updated on deals and discounts.

Process Feedback

Unhappy customers will leave negative feedback and compel others to do business with competitors. Customer feedbacks are, therefore, vital to an auto dealership. Utilize your dealership CRM software to collect and analyze feedback.

Automate Tasks

More and more businesses are now automating tasks to divert valuable resources to maintain customer relations and improve sales. The auto dealership CRM software is one such tool that helps auto dealers deal with manual tasks that require constant attention. With the right tools, you can now send reminders to customers regarding vehicle servicing, insurance renewal, discount offers, recalls, and much more.

AutoAwards is the leading provider of customer retention management and consultation services for auto dealers. The company consists of a team with three decades of experience building loyalty for auto dealerships. With auto dealership CRM from AutoAwards, you can now perform real-time data reporting, goal assessment, benchmarking, and completing turn-key support without hassles.

The software provided by AutoAwards lets you have all the required strategies to increase customer retention. Contact AutoAwards online or calling at 302-696-6000.

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