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CRM Software for the Automotive Industry

What Is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

CRM Explained:

Automotive dealers define Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a multitude of ways. Though they have numerous strategies for implementing CRM techniques (including using CRM software for automotive industry), dealers all desire the same three results:

  1. Attract more high-quality prospects without adding costs.
  2. Sell to a greater percentage of these customers.
  3. Keep these customers loyal to the dealer’s service and sales departments.

These days, 70% of consumers say they research online as part of their purchasing decision. It makes sense, then, for dealers to leverage the Internet and social media as part of their marketing strategy. What’s the best way to do this?

Three Simple Tools

Three simple tools every dealer can use are the manufacturer’s website, the dealer’s own URL, and lead providers:

  • Manufacturer’s Website: Early in the buying process, many customers will begin gathering information on the manufacturer’s site. These leads, which are usually free to the dealer, will begin to trickle in and can be followed up over a period of months.
  • Lead Providers: Third-party lead aggregators reach potential customers you might not ordinarily have access to. With measurable, trackable performance markers, you can easily see whether your investment in these lead providers is worth the expense. By providing all the information you need to set up an appointment, these aggregators can save you and your staff time.
  •  Your Own URL: The dealer’s website not only helps sells vehicles but markets the dealership and services. Every time a customer visits your business online, that customer is made aware of all the dealer’s services; from availability, parts and services, financing, etc.

From these three simple tools, three types of traffic result: Internet, phone, and showroom. This is where CRM proves its worth and benefit to consumers and business owners.

Find and Retain More Customers with CRM

Increased traffic from the Internet and over the phone is a good excuse to have a CRM strategy (with or without CRM software). By conducting a self-assessment, business owners can determine if their dealership is losing profit opportunities created by the new leads CRM generates.

An efficient CRM strategy will help your dealership spend less on generating leads, increase gross sales and ROI, and keep a higher percentage of your customers loyal to your sales and service. Also, the spread and reach of satisfied loyal customers via word-of-mouth can bring even more leads to your business under the effective use of CRM.

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