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What Marketing Strategies Create Brand Loyalty In The Automotive Industry

Customer retention is the number one goal for most dealerships. Satisfied customers return and it creates a perfect opportunity for marketing. Fixed ops are responsible for about 60% of a dealer’s average net profit.

1. Help Customers Through The Buying Cycle

A consumer has to sort through a lot of information before they are able to decide which vehicle they want to buy. A good dealership will help inform the consumer and aid in the decision process. The cycle a dealer leads a consumer through can also determine if the consumer comes back.

Marketing strategies are required or the buyer will not be able to find you. The consumer will look for the services and products your dealership offers when they are ready. Once the individual decides to buy a car, good marketing keeps you in front of your customer.

2. Engage The Customer

Most consumers will look online first. Your strategies must already be in place to be effective. Email is another excellent way to find prospects. Anyone you have an email for should receive the latest in financing and whatever deals are currently running.

Learn their individual likes and dislikes. With email marketing, you can separate lists according to preferences and always show them what they want to see. Keep records of what cars a consumer was interested in and make sure you get every email address you possibly can. Also remember brand loyalty automotive industry is incredibly important.

3. Offer Complimentary Services to Customers In Waiting

Offer any and all complimentary services you have available. The consumer appreciates access to Wi-Fi, coffee, and free car washes when they have to bring their car in for maintenance. Talk to the customer about warranties, quality service and OEM parts. Letting your consumer know exactly what services you offer will build loyalty, retention and revenue. Research has shown the average consumer looks at 24 different sources before they come to a final decision.

Getting a consultation is a good way to proceed. Consumers can have all their questions answered and feel good about the choice they make.

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