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Keep It Local Program

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Use of loyalty rewards programs for auto dealerships is an excellent way for today’s dealers to attract new customers and to achieve success in customer retention. Auto dealerships can drive an increase in business by implementing a rewards program that partners with other local area merchants. The evidence that these programs work is significant as customers are always looking for ways to receive savings.

Our Keep It Local program is a local partnership that helps auto dealers retain customers for products and services. AutoAwards has a hard-earned reputation as the leading provider of quality loyalty rewards programs for the industry.

Keep It Local to Build Partnerships

One of the ways AutoAwards is helping today’s automotive dealerships cultivate customer loyalty is through our Keep It Local program. Our Keep It Local program helps auto dealerships partner with businesses in their local region to offer loyalty rewards customers exclusive discounts. These dealerships often partner with 30 or more local companies as a part of these efforts.

AutoAwards has been in business now for more than twenty-five years. That period of operation has been characterized by a constant drive to find innovative ways to assist our auto dealer clients to increase their business. The Keep It Local program is one of our exclusive, time-tested loyalty program innovative programs.

AutoAwards’ Commitment to Providing Loyalty Rewards to Today’s Auto Dealership Customers

At AutoAwards, we provide branded loyalty rewards programs that offer multiple levels of service to today’s auto dealerships. We customize each program for our dealership clients, taking only one client in each local market, or geographic region. We are proud of our industry-leading status that has been built in part by our commitment to exclusivity. Contact our team today to check availability in your local area. We are excited to speak to you about how we can help grow your customer retention and gain new customers.

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