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Ensure Repeat Business With a Prepaid Maintenance Program

While businesses always need new customers, return business is the true goal for any business. Since post-purchase business hugely impacts the bottom line, make your customer’s servicing choice a cinch with our help at AutoAwards. Customers prefer simple and convenient maintenance plans. OwnerZONE provides this while also providing savings, rewards and customer confidence.

What Would My Dealership Provide in a Prepaid Maintenance Program?

Prepaid maintenance plans work like club subscriptions; the customer pays a flat rate, to access an array of services. While these services are dealership- and plan-dependent, most vehicle maintenance plans for auto dealerships cover oil and filter changes, tire rotation and mechanical assessments. Some even include 24-hour roadside assistance and fluid refills. Nearly all plans are influenced by a vehicle’s year and mileage.

Why is Starting a Prepaid Maintenance Program at My Auto Dealership a Good Idea?

When a customer is buying a new car, they may not be thinking about ongoing maintenance. Yet, it is necessary to keep the car fine-tuned and in good shape. The F&I department, and other departments can provide a prepaid maintenance plan at the time of the customer’s purchase. They can include the following benefits for the customer:

  • A plan gives an extra layer of convenience for routine service
  • Routine maintenance is even easier to manage and worry over less
  • Encouraging maintenance can cascading into less frequent emergencies.

Proactive programs put your dealership in control. AutoAwards’ OwnerZONE is fully adjustable and self-governed. Customization options include brand demographics, non-OEM-specificity, cost structure, and specific geographic marketplace.

OwnerZONE can be sold with any vehicle, regardless of mileage. Administrative fees are cheap and there is no need for pre-authorization or third-party involvement.

Contact AutoAwards online or dial 302-696-6000 to discuss a maintenance plan today.

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