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Car Dealership Loyalty Effectively Engages Customers

How Car Dealership Loyalty Programs Effectively Engages Customers In Micro-Moments

In the past, consumers would go on an internet search engine in order to search for information about their favorite brands. Today, most consumers rely on mobile devices in order to find the information that they need. In fact, 50% of consumers have done searches on mobile devices and that amount is likely to grow in the near future. As a result, mobile marketing will become the standard way to promote products and services.


In 2015, Google revealed a new marketing process called Micro-Moments. The company revealed that consumers have now turned to their mobile devices in order to make decisions on what to purchase as well as where merchants can extend their influence on these purchasing decisions.

Optimizing a Customer’s Buying Power with a Loyalty Program

There are a number of steps that companies such as auto dealerships can take in order to more effectively market their products to consumers. One of the main ways in which an auto dealership can market to consumers is through a loyalty rewards program. The loyalty marketing for automotive industry has emerged as one of the most efficient ways for car dealerships to promote sales as well as increasing their overall sales volume.

In order for a car dealership to market more effectively, they will need to do things such as optimizing their loyalty program on the internet, be available to answer inquiries from customers, classify their products in segments and also be quick in terms of providing relevant information to consumers.

A car dealership that has the right training for all of their staff will be able to provide key Micro-Moments to customers online and in person. It starts with the loyalty rewards program, which is the incentive to begin the conversation in an ongoing relationship with the customer.

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