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Improve Customer Retention Actionable Marketing Strategies

Improve Customer Retention with Actionable Strategies

Whether big or small, no business survives without growth. This fundamental need takes two forms: gaining new customers and retaining existing customers. Yet, many businesses make the error of just focusing on customer acquisition and forgo the importance of customer retention.

Customer Retention Drives Sales and Revenue

As your greatest asset, your customers must be taken care of if your business wants to succeed, much less thrive. According to a report from Harvard Business School, profits can increase by up to 95 percent by increasing customer retention rates. That’s a huge growth factor you’re missing out on if you’re only focusing on new customers.

The Extended Value of Customer Retention Strategies

By investing in customer retention strategies for your auto dealership, your business doesn’t just gain a one-dimensional growth factor. It’s the gift that keeps giving. Great businesses are built on multiple sale points, not “one and done” sales goals. From cross-selling, up-selling, to repeat sales, customer retention strategies entice existing customers beyond that initial single purchase.

Customer loyalty is built on customer retention strategies, which includes superior customer service to ensure customer satisfaction. The most powerful brands all have one thing in common – they build a relationship with customers through ongoing communication. This customer lifetime value transforms everyday consumers into brand advocates and ambassadors, and a solid loyalty program is one of the most actionable, affordable, and successful paths to get there.

Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Retention Rates with A Loyalty Program

Customer retention programs can help you both harness the value of loyal customers and attract new customers. Research clearly shows that dealerships make more and larger sales when they engage customers. One of the best engagement tools is a loyalty rewards program.

Benefits of a Loyalty Program

Whether you’re looking to acquire or retain customers, loyalty programs are a low-cost ‘stickiness’ measure to keep your consumers engaged throughout the entire cycle of sales. These programs keep the consumer engaged during their initial purchase and throughout the life of that purchase with incentives like ongoing vehicle maintenance, service, and special offerings.

You’re building brand loyalty, boosting consumer morale, and establishing a personal connection between the consumer and your brand. The result? You’ve ensured your dealership is at the forefront of the customer’s mind when their vehicle’s life expires and they’re ready for another purchase.

Research shows that auto dealership loyalty programs can boost revenue by five to ten percent. Research also shows that consumer members spend an average of five to twenty percent more than consumers not affiliated with a loyalty program. Plus, you can use the data from the program to better target your marketing campaigns.

Is Your Dealership Ready for The Best Customer Retention Strategy?

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