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Social Media Marketing for Auto Dealerships

Leveraging Social Media Tips for Your Car Dealership

Social media platforms are the most effective and essential marketing communities available to any business, and this is no different for a car dealership.

Relevant Social Media Statistics for Auto Dealers

  • 46% of car shoppers utilize social media when researching car dealerships. This number had more than doubled from 22% in 2015, and it is getting larger every year.
  • 72% of car shoppers will go out of their way to visit dealerships with positive social media reviews and comments over dealerships that are closer to their homes.

Why Auto Dealers Should be Committed to Social Media

Social media is personal and persistent; it targets car buyers that utilize their mobile devices to research car buying through directed communication. A dealership with a strong social media presence will also show up more prominently in search engine results.

Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Auto Dealers

  • Engage with your audience daily, keep a consistent tone, and encourage a back and forth dialogue with the people.
  • Vary your content type and do not focus on content that is blatant advertising. Instead, provide content that your audience will find interesting.
  • Utilize automotive marketing consultants to build your social media footprint.

Who to Consult for Social Media Marketing for Auto Dealers?

Finding experienced, reliable consultants with the specialized experience needed to fulfill the specific needs of an auto dealership might seem like a difficult task. It doesn’t have to be challenging to find automotive marketing consultants! We designed the AutoAwards’ Social Media Pilot Program with the unique needs of auto dealerships in mind. We have the experience necessary to ensure an impactful social media footprint. Contact them today for more information!

To find out more information about AutoAwards’ social media marketing and loyalty programs, call us at (302) 696-6000.

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