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Customer Retention Strategies for Auto Dealerships

Overcome These Customer Retention Challenges for Auto Dealerships

Customer retention has been one of the most significant challenges that automotive dealerships have. Customers will sometimes look for the best deal, and that may not always be found at your car dealership. The other truth that comes to our attention is that people are willing to pay more if they feel they are getting more.

Be Proactive

One of the first things learned about car dealerships is, “action is better than reaction,” This is especially true for customer retention. This means that as a business, you need to:

  • Learn about your customers. Learn more than just their name. Use email marketing software and a CRM solution to find out what they click on and browse the website to see.
  • Report data is one of the best ways to stay in tune with what your customers want.
  • Learn how to talk to your customers and offer a loyalty rewards program that makes it easy for them to say yes.

Solutions That Work

Who would have thought that the best answer to all these problems could be reduced to one word: technology? Auto rewards programs are the best way to stay connected with your customers. With the invention of loyalty programs, there are endless ways to give customers points they can use to spend in your dealership.

How Does Technology Fit with a Dealer Rewards Program?

Technology allows for apps to be downloaded by your customers on their phones that connect with them to the dealership and their rewards. This is an amazing way to keep in touch with your customers at any time. This app will help them plan their car maintenance (like oil changes) or how much they have gained in points.

Dealership loyalty rewards members are statistically more likely to open emails from your dealership than those who aren’t a member. Also, members are much more likely to go to the dealership for vehicle servicing as well.

Customer service increases because you become better equipped as a company with data and points cycling to your customers back to the dealership.

Customer retention is only challenging without the proper tools in your belt. If you knew there were ways to raise your retention rates, wouldn’t you try it? Call AutoAwards now at 302-696-6000 and talk to us about points and car dealer loyalty programs.

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