What Makes a Car Dealership Loyalty Program Successful?
Loyalty Program Rewards in a Successful Program

What Makes a Car Dealership Loyalty Program Successful?

As national sales level out, decline, and competition grows, your existing clientele becomes ever more vital to your dealership. A car dealership loyalty program is a marketing strategy that keeps customers coming to you for services. Beyond just pulling in new clients, programs also keep your existing clientele around to boost revenue. While the specifics vary between programs, they generally include a point or tier system to redeem for various services, discounts, or admission to specific events, all serving to boost brand engagement.

While building customer relationships is hard, you need to remind people that you value them. Good programs reward the best customers and foster new relationships in many ways.

How to Start a Loyalty Program?

You can easily design a program that helps you and your company. Dealers benefit from having a thorough customer rewards plan. Time spent building a transparent strategy pays off in customer involvement.

When designing your program, consider three factors:

  1. It Collects Useful Data

Customer data helps you tailor marketing campaigns, offers and how to approach specific customer demographics. You can collect data at stages like registering for the program or interactions like browsing inventory on your website. Combining your data with third parties can provide a more robust customer profile.

  1. Customer Convenience

Data’s value is not lost on customers, meaning people will use their data to bargain. Enter convenience.

 The best company reward programs incorporate convenience. If you offer a time-valuing feature, most people will submit. Every interaction gives you more info on spending habits and the effectiveness of sales and promotions.

  1. Grasp Advertising

You need to go beyond regular advertising and engage with social media, blog content, and subscription lists.

What Rewards Should I Include in the Loyalty Program?

  • Service/part discounts
  • Free washes
  • Free tire rotation
  • Seasonal gifts for VIPs
  • Gift cards

Regardless of program features, a good point system is vital to tracking and rewarding customers for purchases.

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