How These Brands Built Car Brand Loyalty During COVID
Auto Dealership Brands Build Loyalty in Covid

How These Brands Built Car Brand Loyalty During COVID

2021 statistics from J.D. Power conducted on automotive brand loyalty in the United States indicate that Subaru and Lexus lead the field. An interesting fact about this year’s study took place while COVID was ongoing. With this point in mind, it is worth looking at how the pandemic affected automotive brand loyalty for leading automakers.

One point that emerges here is that automotive customer loyalty remained strong during the pandemic. Beyond this, brand loyalty appears to have improved during this time. Our team at AutoAwards wants to provide you with some further information about this interesting subject, so continue reading further.

What the Statistics Demonstrate

Statistics from the past year show that automotive customers were likely to purchase a new car with the same brand as their previous one. One theory is that it may be due to their reliance on previously established relationships with the current auto dealers they have done business with in the past. When it came to premium brands, Lexus was at the top of the list, while Subaru landed the top position for mass-market brands regarding customer loyalty.

Which Brands Saw the Most Improvement?

The most improved premium brand in 2021 was Acura, while Mazda saw the most improvement in the mass-market sector of the industry.

What Methodology Was Used to Study This Topic?

The Automotive Brand Loyalty Study based its calculations off of data from transactions that happened between June of 2020 and May of 2021.

5 Ways That Dealerships Benefit From Implementing a Service Loyalty Program

The following are 5 ways that today’s auto dealers benefit when they implement a loyalty program for service.

  • They provide a boost in repeat customers
  • They help dealerships gain an edge competitively
  • They encourage new referrals
  • A good loyalty program will assist a dealership in sending out automated service reminders
  • Customers who stay loyal will provide important feedback about the types of services they want

We Want to Offer You a Consultation for Starting a Loyalty Rewards Program at Your Auto Dealership

When it comes to dealership loyalty programs, we are the industry leader here at AutoAwards. We are standing by and ready to offer you a consultation on starting your loyalty rewards program. Our programs are a proven way to boost customer loyalty for your automotive dealership business. You can find out more when you call us at 302-696-6000. You also have the option of reaching us through our convenient online contact form.

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