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Email Marketing Helps Automotive Dealers Close More Sales

Even though marketing is consistently changing, email marketing is on the rise. Numerous business owners utilize email marketing because it works. Being able to connect with someone in their inbox via email is a great way to have them view the inventory of the company right then. Email marketing is also more personal and customizable than some other channels of marketing, so it is perfect for a car dealership who is looking to segment and market to their list according to their interests.


Survey on Email Marketing

Benchmark completed a survey that showed email marketing was quite impressive with getting automotive dealers more transactions. Not only are they closing more deals, but they are getting many more people excited about the other services they provide. To note, the survey included only 22% of auto dealerships that are using email marketing, 4% who plan to start, and a large 73% who are not using email marketing.

Personal Communication

One of the best things that someone can do when email marketing for auto dealerships is to make it as personable as possible. For this reason, business owners must segment out their list to provide the best response. Think of segmenting as grouping customers according to vehicles they purchased from your dealership, or interests in vehicles. It is also recommended to segment out based on services rendered, purchase history and anything else that may be applicable to individual customers.

Mobile Design

It is important for any email that is sent to be enhanced for mobile. Many people use their mobile device to read emails, so it imperative they can read them on their phone. If they are unable to, they may not click to open future emails sent to them.

Check the Performance

When performing an email marketing campaign, review the emails that have a good click-through rate and produce results in the form of engagement, inquiries and sales. AutoAwards’ eCycle program is a great way for automotive dealers to review results in their email marketing campaigns.

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