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Auto Dealership Loyalty Rewards Program Customer Retention

Engage Your Clients with Email for Customer Retention for Your Auto Dealership

AutoAwards Provides the Software You Need to Retain Business

Retaining customers is an ideal strategy for any dealership. New sales are always good but retaining existing customers in conjunction with gaining new ones is the best state of affairs. To truly retain customers, you must provide them with truly engaging service. and AutoAwards can provide you with email marketing to support you with campaigns customized for your dealerships and its sales and service goals.

Retain Customers Through Engagement

Customers can certainly be engaged by warranties and extended services offered by dealerships, but the number one way to keep customers on your side is by engaging them in the digital space. AutoAwards’ eCommunications is exactly what is needed to retain customers through engagement.

This service enables the customer to have a genuinely personalized experience with your dealership rewards, and also provides you with the data needed to understand how your customers think.

Integrate Your Email Marketing Campaigns with Loyalty Rewards

Email marketing for auto dealerships, as provided by AutoAwards, allows you to seamlessly integrate any of your preexisting email campaigns with the new dealership loyalty programs they provide. Auto dealership email marketing solutions supplied by AutoAwards will help you to reach the right customers with the messages they want to see. It will keep them engaged and returning for business.

Reasons Why Effective Email Marketing Builds Dealership Loyalty

#1 – Email marketing provides information to consumers in an especially accessible format.

#2 – The average person checks their phone 34 times a day, meaning they will see your digital outreach; moreover, half of all emails are opened on mobile devices

#3 – Email marketing is incredibly cost-effective, as every email sent can bring in customer phone calls and inquiries each time you send a communication out.

Contact AutoAwards to Get Started with Email Marketing

Talk to our consultants at 302-696-6000, to learn how you can incorporate our loyalty program and email marketing into your dealership! We understand the best marketing tactics to make sales in the automotive industry!

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