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How Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs Work In Hand with CRM Software

A dealership that is looking to best serve the needs of customers, must first understand what their customers want when it comes to a purchasing a vehicle. Having a CRM software program in place helps auto dealerships know more about their customers. The information they receive through emails, social media interactions, and visits to the dealership aid in successfully communicating with their customers.

Customers Want and Need Information

Buying a car is a major decision. Most people put time and effort into researching a variety of features for cars on the market before purchasing. Customers are typically loyal to the auto dealership they frequent and would consider buying a car from there first. But, for your dealership to be top-of-mind to your customer, you will want to have programs in place to keep them engaged.

Loyalty Incentive Programs

Auto dealerships that intend on getting and keeping customers will benefit by offering several incentive programs. These programs entice customers to remain with the dealership and take advantage of these incentives on a regular basis. Some of these incentives will include discounts, holiday sales, extra services, free services and low interest financing deals. With all these incentives, consumers will be more likely to continue purchasing vehicles from their dealership.

How AutoAwards’ Loyalty Programs Work

An example of how AutoAwards’ loyalty programs work is to set up a program where a dealership has coverage in the local community. We work with one dealership per local area and tie in a local network. The Keep It Local program gives discounts and incentives to dealership customers to utilize when visiting local businesses nearby. They also receive rewards to the auto dealership for ongoing maintenance and more. The incentives keep customers coming back and also work together with your CRM software to know the needs and wants of your customer.

Ways to Communicate with Customers

In order for an auto dealership to bring in more loyal customers, it will need to find effective ways to communicate to them. A dealership can use methods that include personalization which also provides the consumer with familiarity and goodwill.

Dealerships will also want to focus on making consumers aware of the available products by providing relevant information. When a dealership wants to keep customers, they will need to provide value added benefits which often include additional incentives like the ones mentioned above. Auto dealerships that are looking to find ways to keep customers and learn about how to retain them will benefit from AutoAwards’ complimentary consultation.

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