Why Customer Reward Programs Build Dealerships
Auto Dealership Marketing Agencies Increase Customer Retention

Why Customer Reward Programs Build Dealerships

Due to competition, the automobile dealership world is tough to stay relevant. Many dealers focus more on bringing in new customers than doing what they can to keep existing ones loyal to their brand. They may not realize that it is often a better idea for their bottom line to keep existing customers happy. An easy way for dealerships to keep customers loyal is to offer them a customer reward program. A car loyalty program from AutoAwards is the perfect way to extend customer service far and beyond the initial sale.

 What is a Loyalty Program?

There are plenty of marketing strategies to choose from when you’re running a business. Everyone wants to reach new customers and bring in more business. However, repeat customers can make up a considerable percentage of your revenue and sales, so it is vital to offer a loyalty program that will keep them returning for more.

A program that offers your clientele valuable incentives will motivate them to come back to your dealership when they need further services or to purchase their vehicle. The customer and dealer benefit from the deal when you provide an effective loyalty rewards package.

 What are the Benefits of a Loyalty Program?

The main reason to implement a loyalty program is easy- both parties benefit from it! Customers will receive valuable rewards when they return for automobile service or make an accessory or part purchase.

The company enjoys loyal customers who recommend its brand to others through word-of-mouth and social media. Loyal customers will come back for regular vehicle service while making other purchases for their car or truck, often getting new customers to check out the dealership.

 What Does a Loyalty Program Offer?

 You can customize a loyalty program to provide anything your brand wants. Many companies offer “freebies” to their loyal customers, such as basic oil changes and car washes. Others offer discounts on essential car services or roadside assistance. You can also develop an app that allows your customers to schedule these freebies and discounts on their own time easily.

 The AutoAwards Strategy

Suppose you’re looking for a way to build customer service and reward your loyal clientele. In that case, we’re happy to offer you a consultation to show you just how a loyalty marketing program can make your business become the best. Since 1991, AutoAwards has worked with multiple dealerships to create fantastic customer loyalty programs that WORK.

You can reach out to us online or by calling 302-696-6000 to get your consultation to launch your local marketing loyalty rewards program.

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