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Successful Loyalty Rewards Program Email Marketing Campaign

Creating A Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 2020

It is common knowledge that an efficient email campaign can produce financial success. Unfortunately, the methods to create a successful campaign can be confusing. A great way to break down the process is to separate campaigns into nurture and metric sequences.

Nurture Campaigns

Nurture campaigns focus on nurturing the consumer base. Consumers in this group include potential buyers, leasers, and current owners. Each group of consumers receives different emails based on where they are in the buyer’s journey and relationship with the auto dealership.

For example, buyers may be enticed by refinancing options. New buyers will want to know about sales and incentives. Leasers are brought in by promotions specific to leasing.

Metric Campaigns

Knowing what each group of consumers wants to hear about is the first step. The second step is knowing when to send a marketing email to them. For example, sending an email about an oil change promotion at the correct time can generate a significant boost in revenue. Likewise, sending a campaign focused on renewing a lease at the wrong time can lead to a decline in revenue,

Determining the Effectiveness of Campaigns

Determining email campaigns can be confusing to an untrained employee. Tracking technology, such as a CRM system, can decide how many times a customer accessed the website through an email link. Using customer relationship management tools helps the auto dealership find out if an email is generating interest with their customer base.

We can also track promo code usage in email much easier than advertisements sent through the mail. Other aspects are also easily monitored, such as service frequency. The data collected through a CRM system helps auto dealerships make crucial decisions throughout the year that can boost their bottom line.

Email Marketing is an effective strategy for increasing revenue. Sending the right emails at the correct times is key to a successful campaign. Although there’re tips on how to plan your auto dealership marketing campaign, an eCommunication strategy can make all the difference. To make sure of success, reach out to an expert at AutoAwards for auto dealership email marketing by calling (302) 696-6000 today.

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